Established 30 years ago, Stott & Willgrass enjoy a reputation in the Channel Islands for opening it’s doors to a warm and friendly ambiance of charm and personalised service.

Anthony Willgrass has 54 years of experience in the world of jewellery and timepiece sales, providing him with the ability to recognise quality and unique design. Ever since biblical times have great gems exercised a strange fascination on mankind. As objects of exceptional beauty and rarity, they have always been highly prized and valued.

Having a true feeling for the romance of special stones has provided Anthony with a continual source of inspiration. Indeed, he gains a great deal of personal satisfaction from discovering new designs, special settings, and exquisite gems that he sources worldwide to be able to share with his existing and expanding clientele.

Stott & Willgrass offers an array of stylish, bespoke jewellery designs that are handmade by talented craftsmen and showcase exclusive brands such as PICCHIOTTI jewels.

Anthony’s son, George, has recently joined the family business as the second generation and now brings new, young and fresh ideas, including introducing the use of social media, to take the business forward and to reach a wider audience.

George’s main passion is sourcing rare and popular timepieces for clients and dealing with associates worldwide. He is building up trustworthy relationships with existing clients and is confidently and capably learning about the diamond dealing side of the business, interacting with Stott & Willgrass’ prized network of diamond dealers and manufacturers.

George is already making his mark and will be a great asset to this thriving business, ensuring its legacy for future generations.